Sunday, November 25, 2007

Just Like Daddy!

A subscription to the local toy library has been the best investment in toys this year. The kids love going and choosing new toys every few weeks and deal with having to return them far better than I had imagined. Our latest acquisition was this awesome fire engine. Liam would spend all day in it if he could. I think he has seen his Dad talking on the mobile in the car waaaay too often though!!!


We have been having a great time using Before Five in a Row and making lapbooks for each title. We have just finished a fortnight of rowing Corduroy. We even managed to find a video of the story to watch at the end. I have posted some photos of our lapbook so you can see some of the things we have done.
The first pics are of the cover and open lapbook.

Next photos are show the minit books we made for our Bible verse, button patterns and F is for Friend.

Friday, November 23, 2007

There Were Ten In the Bed...

Well, I have finally got back to my blog.....and figured out how to download the photos for my first entry. It's about time!!!!

Tonight I went to check on Liana and found her in bed with all her teddies and dolls lined up in a row. All carefully covered and on pillows. If you count them, there are 10 in the bed - hence the title.

I had to include a photo of Liam asleep too. Just so he didn't feel left out!

I am determined to keep up with my blog this time. I have lots of photos to post and will include some of the lapbooks that Liana and I have made while reading out BFIAR books. We just finished one on Corduroy so I will post some pics of that tomorrow.