Sunday, December 14, 2008

End of Year Ballet Demo

On Saturday was Liana's last day of ballet for the year. That means I get 6 weeks of not having to try and tie the silly ribbons on her ballet shoes that I cut too short..sigh..I hate tying ballet shoes!!!!!

Anyway, that aside we got have a once a term look at what she actually does for half and hour every Saturday morning.

The photos are not so great as the sun was shining in through the window behind her but you still get the idea, and just you Mum, because you couldn't come, I've included some video footage.

So now we just have our Caroling excursion on Wednesday and our Kindy party Thursday and we are done with all activities until swimming lessons in January - YAY!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tot School

Tot School

So I haven't posted a tot school post for a while and this one is quite late, but we are still going strong. We have been doing lots this week between Christmas activities, montessori activities and cooking we have plenty of pictures to show!

We have done plenty of building with the big blocks from the resource centre.

MAking Christmas stockings

Nativity sets

I have seen this bead bouquet activity on several sites and just had to try it. Both kids pick this one several times a day.

Lacing is still popular, although Liam still thinks he just threads one hole and then he is done!

I introduce colouring mixing with the eye dropper this week. Liana really enjoyed making and discovering new colours. Liam enjoyed dumping all of the colours into one cup.

Cooking is always a favourite.

And lastly, playing on the bouncy castle. We don't have any nice flat grassy area big enough at this new place to set it up outside, but the lounge room with its high ceilings works perfectly.

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