Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up -Liam and Liana

This year for History we are using My Father's World Rome to Reformation.  To be honest I am not enjoying it nearly as much as last year's Exploring countries and Cultures.  There is a phenomenal amount of reading aloud that needs to be done and I just don't get around to it all.  Liam and Liana have enjoyed what we have done though so maybe it is just me?!?

Anyway, we have finish Ancient Rome and our now about to move onto the Middle Ages.  The spine is Story Of The World so I have bought the activity book to try and add in some activities other than reading this term!

Here is a glimpse of a few of the things I have remembered to take photos of this term!

We made a model Roman ship and village to finish up our studies on Ancient Rome.

We went to the Annual Model Train and Lego Exhibit.  Liam, who is still lego mad, was in his element.  He could have stayed for hours just staring at the all the Lego exhibits.  The others enjoyed it but not nearly as much as Liam!

Liana has started going to a sewing class at a friend's house every week.  She is really enjoying it and has made a pleated blouse and skirt so far.

We also had our Annual Homeschool Ceilidh Dance and concert.  Here is a picture of Liana and one of her friends in their costumes ready to perform.

And to finish, some random pics of my two big kids.  Just because!

Weekly Wrap-Up - Nathanael and Samuel

My weekly wrap-ups have been few and far between, so this is more of a monthly wrap-up!


Nathanael's tot-school consists of drawing, painting, playdoh and then trying to destroy whatever his brothers and sisters are doing!  He still so desperately wants to be involved with anything they are doing so I need to get organised with some special "school time" activities just for him to keep him occupied.  For now his love of colouring anything and everything is keeping me busy washing walls, floors, desks.  His other passion is getting me to then hang up anything he has coloured on his pinup board, just like big brother!! :)


We have been working through the letter sounds with Samuel but as he knows 90% of them we have taken a bit of a break from the desk work and are just playing lots of games and working on a few character issues that need some focus.  He still asks to do school work like Liam and Liana most days so we do but only if he asks.

Stay tuned for Liam and Liana tomorrow!

Caps For Sale (June 10)

Playgroup Day!! Again, it was cold and wet but it doesn't seem to worry the kids. We read one of my favourite stories today, (I think I say that about all the stories I read!) Caps For Sale, and then followed up with lots of hat and monkey fun!

How many hats can you balance on your head?

Then, of course we had to make our own hats.

We mad little monkeys out of cardboard rolls.  Liam made a whole family complete with Nanna and Grandad!

As usual, Nathanael went right to painting

...and then a bit of finger painting.

Even Liana joined in the fun today as her usual older friends were away.

Dinosaurs (May 27)

Today was dinosaur day at playgroup. It was cold and wet but we still had lots of fun! My house is getting more full each week, 23 children today, but it so easy with such awesome mums, dads and children. Feeling blessed!

A bit of home renovation before we begin.

Straight into the painting.

Our dinosaur sensory table with peas and cloud dough was a big hit!

Making Dinosaur skeletons with macaroni.

Stamping fun

Hmmmm....I wonder what this tastes like?

More and more dinosaurs

We had a share lunch after playgroup with most of the families and some amazingly yummy food!