Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nature Journals

Our homeschooling tends to be a mix of classical and Charlotte Mason Styles. One element that I have been trying to incorporate regularly is our nature journal. Liana loves going on nature walks and collecting things to put in her nature journal. I am trying to be more consistent with this and do it once a week. At the moment it is more sporadic!

Here are some of Liana's journal entries from this year. She chooses what to put in her journal and then attempts to draw it or make a rubbing. All these drawing are her own work. Occasionally I will help her with something she is really stuck on. Then I ask her what she would like me to write about her find. This is normally along the lines of "It is beautiful. It is precious. I love it." We are slowly working on actually getting a description or some information about the topic, but for now I write whatever she may say!!!