Monday, November 17, 2014

Playgroup - We're Going On a Bear Hunt

We're Going On a Bear Hunt is such a great book, we have used it a few times for playgroup and each time it is received with enthusiasm.  Today was no exception.  We had heaps of fun painting, gluing and hunting for bears!

After reading the story we headed off to prepare for our bear hunt while the big kids hid all the bears outside.

The children had fun re-enacting the story on our sensory bear hunt table. It had grass, a river with frozen fish, ducks and even a crocodile!  Some brown gloopy paint for mud, soft, fluffy shaving cream snow and a forest for our little people to traipse through.

There were bears to be found in the rice box along with lots of digging, pouring, sorting and even eating of the rice thanks to Nathanael!!!

We made pictures of bears hibernating in caves.

Of course, a bear hunt wouldn't be complete without a map to help find the bears!

And finally, some binoculars for those hard to find bears.

After all our hard work preparing, we headed outside to hunt some bears...........

Samuel, checking the map to find out where they are hidden.......

Now, where are those bears?

Quick, over there!!!!

We found the bears, then hid them and found them and hid them and..........................

Another great day of playgroup!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Playgroup - Farm Style

This week was playgroup - farm style!  We began the day by bringing in one of our silkie chickens for the kids to have a cuddle of.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of this as I was too busy making sure she didn't get squished!!!

After story time we moved onto our craft activities.  We have a full house this term and it is loud, messy and lots of fun!!!  Here are some action photos of the morning.

Some muddy pig painting.

Cotton wool sheep, enjoyed by even the "big" kids!!

Paper plate chickens.

Our very popular mini farm world.

Nathanael, giving some loving to one of the piglets!

We also had play dough, beading, and lots of playtime!!

Some chalk drawing outside on the driveway.

We do our best to cater to all ages at our playgroup!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

What's On the Shelf - November - Farm

We had a break from themes during October and enjoyed the school holidays and a slow start back into some more structured learning.  We are all ready for a new theme for November though - Farms.

I am really excited about this theme as we have lots planned.  We kicked it off last week with a trip to Kelmscott High Farm.  It is quite an amazing school.  We got to hold and interact with chickens, rabbits, and sheep in the animal nursery.  Then we were taken to see a cow being milked and where they shear the sheep.  Outside we were able to feed the horses, goats and alpacas and then toured the veggie garden where we got to pick some oranges and lemons to bring home.  As we were leaving we were lucky enough to see them bring out a new calf and try and get it to feed off a surrogate cow!   Here a few photos from our day out.

This month, as well as our inside "school" we have new veggie gardens to plant and we are going to make a scarecrow to try and keep those pesky crows away.  Maybe we should put one in our chook pen so they will stop stealing all of our eggs!

Here is a sneak peek of what is on our shelves for out theme this month:

Firstly, our small world farm sensory table, complete with grain silo to practice scooping and pouring, pigs in mud, ducks in a pond and lots of animals to feed.

We also have a few different farms sets to play with including an Ikea farm, a Little People farm and  Mega Blocks Farm.

On our shelves we have:

Sunflower seeds to scoop and pour.

Animal magnets on a cookie sheet to sort as farm animals or not farm animals.

Our Leap Frog farm animal matching set.

Cotton reels to practice lacing

Our UNO moo game

Farm pictures of either 1 or 2 syllables and pegs to select the correct amount

Colour fun puzzles

Fruit and vegetables to sort into a three part tray with our kiddy tongs

Farm strips for cutting practice

What's in the Web?  Beginning sounds practice.

Pig Number Game.  Roll the dice, count the dots and find the matching number to cover with a magnet.

Some laminated farm tracing pages and whiteboard markers.

Another beginning sounds game.

Washing farm animals.  A spray bottle to wet them, toothbrush for scrubbing and cloth to dry.

Matching farm animal mothers and babies.  WE also have some plastic farm animals to match to the cards.

Matching the correct colour pegs to the horses.  Good for strengthening those little fingers!

And finally, some farm animal do-a-dot pictures and dot paints.

We are ready for a busy, busy month!!

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