Monday, April 25, 2011


This term I started History again with Liana and Liam. We are repeating what I did with Liana when she was 5, but she doesn't seem to mind and enjoys being able to remember a lot of what we are covering. Liam is enjoying doing History for the first time. We are using Biblioplan with Story of The World as our spine.

The last couple of weeks we have been working our way through Ancient Egypt. We have practices using hieroglyphics and cuneiform

Made sugar cube pyramids

Made mummies

and a sacrcophagus to put our mummy in.

History is sooo much fun!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tot School

Tot School

Samuel is 15mths old.

It has been over 2 years since I last post a TotSchool post. Our Totschool star, Liam is now 5 years old, but we have a new star Samuel!!

We are only starting to get into the swing of things with our TotSchool as I have 2 other children to homeschool. Our purposeful paytime is ver hit and miss at the moment but Samuel doesn't mind and is still learning heaps from watching his big brother and sister do their work.

Most of this week was spent on Easter Activities. We did:

Easter dot painting

Played with our Easter sensory box

Went on an Easter egg hunt and Nana and Grandad's

Decorated his sister's art work!!

Some Gardening

To see what others have done for TotSchool this week head over to 1+1+1=1

Back After a Long Break

Gosh, it has been over two years since I last posted!! Needless, to say things have changed somewhat in that time! We now have a new addition to the family, Samuel, who is already 15mths old.

We are still homeschooling and loving it! Liana is now year 2 and Liam is pre-primary. The main purpose of this blog is to keep a record of all the fun things we are doing with our homeschooling. So hopefully I will get around to posting regularly.

More posts to follow with lots of photos to see what we've been up to.