Monday, April 28, 2008

We Have a New Puppy!!!!!!!

We had to get rid of our dog because she was getting jealous of the kids and had taken a nip at them a few times. Being such a big strong dog we just couldn't risk it. Luckily we found her a nice child free home where she would get all the attention she needed. we have a brand new puppy!!!!!!!!!!! He is sooooooo cute. Liana has named him Jack. He is an American/english staffy mix and the most placid puppy I have ever had.

The kids just adore him and he is keeping me company while Paul is working. Although he does have to kick him off the bed when he gets home!

Jack has taken a real liking to Liam. Not sure why as Liam jus wants to sit on him all the time. Maybe it is because he is small too and reminds him of another puppy. He is certainly as unpredictable!!

Here are a few photos and I am sure there will be many more to follow!!!

How Not to Play Hide and Seek....

My poor baby was staying over at her Nanna's having a great time playing hide and seek with her Aunty and her neighbours. Unfortunately Nanna has a lot of stuff under her bed!!!! Liana didn't quite make it under the bed but instead managed to hit her head on the corner of an open drawer. OUCH!!!!!

A few hours later and some purple glue, care of the doctor, she was back home. Liana had a great time being the centre of attention while the doctor glued her back together. (What a great invention that glue is. So much easier than having to try and stitch a 4 year olds head!!) Meanwhile I was waiting at home with Liam pacing the floor imagining some huge gash in hear head and Nanna was stressing out about how daddy would react!!

Here is the patient in all her glory. She loooooooves bandaids and bandages so has just loved wearing this all week!!!

Oh, and I had to include the cooking photo just because!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What About Liam??

Well given that he is only just two and a boy, any attempt to have him sit still for more than 5 secs ends in disaster. That being said we have started using the preparatory "curriculum" from Letter of the week. It is simple, it is fast and best of all it is free. Each week we learn a letter, number, colour or shape, a nursery rhyme and have a different theme. We have also added a bible verse written to music from hubbards cupboard. So far we have done this for 2 weeks. Amazingly Liam now correctly identifies A and B. He can say both nursery rhymes, sings both bible verses and actually sits still long enough for us to add the new "thing" to his poster every morning during circle time. It is quite cute watching Liana trying to revise his poster with him during the day while they are playing. iN fact I think she makes a better teacher than me. Liam is so eager to please his big sister that he answers all her questions and does pretty much whatever she long as it doesn't take any longer than 2 minutes!!

Here is a picture of our learning poster for this week and our activity for the letter B.

Our week with Angus Lost

Well, actually it has been more like 3 weeks..sigh...Not much happening here lately. Although in our defence it is school holidays at the moment. anyway we slowly rowed Angus Lost and eventually finished our lapbook. While we were reading this book we looked at lots of different types of dos which was great as we are in the process of getting rid of our grumpy dog that has decided she doesn't like children and purchasing a new one. So everytiome Liana saw a cute dog she ecided that was the one for us! We also looked at different types of caves and cave life. Now off to decide what to row next. Hmmmmmm....I think we will try The Runaway Bunny.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Teddy Bears Picnic

For our final week of kindy for the term we had a Teddy Bears' Picnic. It was such a fun day. We made clothes for our teddies, decorated teddy cupcakes, made teddy race cars and painted plaster teddies. Then we read the story Going on a Bear Hunt and had our own bear hunt. The highlight of the day was the teddy bears' picnic where we got to eat all of our sugary teddy bear creations!!!

More photos below.....

Teddy Bears' Picnic

Homeschool Kindy Group

Last term a group of homeschool mums decided to start a kindy for our little ones. We have been meeting once a week for the kids to play and create together. Liam and Liana absolutely love this part of their week. I think Liana's favourite part of the day is definitely circle time singing!! Here are a few pics of some of the activities we have been doing.