Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You Know it's Time for New Dress-ups When.....

...your little boy wants to dress up and he can only choose between being a ballerina, a princess or a fairy!!!!

In my defence, up until this week he has had absolutely no interest in playing dress-ups. However, suddenly he has decided that it is fun. So today we had ballerina Liam complete with ballet shoes and then Fairy Liam.

He dressed himself in the fairy outfit and ran out all excited to announce to me, "Look Mummy, I booful!" How could you not love that?

So, any suggestions for easy to make, cheap boys dressups??

So here are some photos of my booful boy and his big sister. I must say I do question his choice of accessories. I don't know if a wrench and drill really work with choice of clothing!!!!


  1. Hi! I came to your blog from Five in a Row to see Liam's painted belly! :)

    I saw your post about dressing up. Being a mom of two boys, the oldest of which dresses up EVERYDAY, we've actually acquired A LOT of dress up stuff. Most of which are costumes that I have made for him in the past few years, or things I've picked up on sale. He loves to play office and has used a button up shirt of his dad's for that. Grandpa is a mailman and gave us an old mail shirt. He also has a lot of hats that we've managed to pick up. I would just ask around to family members to see if they have anything to donate to the dress up box. When my boys are dressing up, they always love to be someone they know...at least for a few minutes until they turn into something else.

    Your pics are great and your kids adorable!! :)

  2. That's too funny! What did his dad say? Has he seen the pics?

  3. Thanks for the ideas Nicole!

    Mommy N, yes daddy has seen the pics and just rolled his eyes. I think he was happy with the choice of accessories though!