Sunday, May 12, 2013

Preschool - Rainbows

This week Samuel has been learning all about rainbows! We read the book, "What makes a Rainbow?" and then had lots of fun making our own rainbows.

First we used the dot markers to fill in the rainbow.  I was actually impressed that Samuel only dotted in the rainbow.  Normally he just covers the whole page!

We made some ranibow pictures using PVA glue, salt and food colouring.  They turned out really great and Samuel had so much fun making them.  I think he would have kept going all day.  He made about 5 or 6 pictrues and it kept him occupied for over half and hour.

We practiced cutting using a rainbow cutting fun sheet.

We also did some colour sorting and glued the shapes on to make another rainbow.

Later in the week we read the Eric Carle book "The Mixed Up Chameleon" and then mad our own mixed up chameleon.

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