Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up - Nathanael and Samuel

My weekly wrap-ups have been few and far between, so this is more of a monthly wrap-up!


Nathanael's tot-school consists of drawing, painting, playdoh and then trying to destroy whatever his brothers and sisters are doing!  He still so desperately wants to be involved with anything they are doing so I need to get organised with some special "school time" activities just for him to keep him occupied.  For now his love of colouring anything and everything is keeping me busy washing walls, floors, desks.  His other passion is getting me to then hang up anything he has coloured on his pinup board, just like big brother!! :)


We have been working through the letter sounds with Samuel but as he knows 90% of them we have taken a bit of a break from the desk work and are just playing lots of games and working on a few character issues that need some focus.  He still asks to do school work like Liam and Liana most days so we do but only if he asks.

Stay tuned for Liam and Liana tomorrow!

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