Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What's On the Shelf - September - Construction Unit

With three boys in the family we have no shortage of construction trucks, books and tools. So what better than a construction theme for this month.  Here is a look at the activities on our shelves for September.

All ready to start!

Our train table is now a construction site for the month.

Name practice using coloured rocks.  I started one for Nathanael too but ran out of rocks.  Beginning to think giving my now 2 year old a name with 9 letters was not so clever.  I think my SIL who gave her 2 year old a name with four letters was much smarter!!

Clothespin counting cards.

My boys love magnifying glasses so this is sure to be a hit.  The cards have tiny copies of each picture.  they need to use the magnifying glass to work out which picture it is and then match them up.

Coloured water and a funnel, what more could they need?!?!

Matching the items in the toolbox to the picture cards.

2 sets of cards to practice our positional words, on top, underneath, next to, behind, between etc.

Construction site board game.

Mini construction site sensory play.  I used our mini construction set and homemade moon sand.

Matching nuts and bolts.

Matching vehicles and 3 part cards.

Screwing practice.

Building marble tracks.

Vehicle jigsaw puzzles.

Letter and sound identification game.

Scooping rocks

Wooden construction set.

A variety of construction vehicles to play with.

Our construction playdough centre.

And lastly our construction craft centre.

We also have our large construction trucks outside in the sand pit that will get a good work out, our tool benches (toy and real) and many, many books.  I think this should keep the little ones busy for a while so we can get some school work done!

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