Monday, November 17, 2014

Playgroup - We're Going On a Bear Hunt

We're Going On a Bear Hunt is such a great book, we have used it a few times for playgroup and each time it is received with enthusiasm.  Today was no exception.  We had heaps of fun painting, gluing and hunting for bears!

After reading the story we headed off to prepare for our bear hunt while the big kids hid all the bears outside.

The children had fun re-enacting the story on our sensory bear hunt table. It had grass, a river with frozen fish, ducks and even a crocodile!  Some brown gloopy paint for mud, soft, fluffy shaving cream snow and a forest for our little people to traipse through.

There were bears to be found in the rice box along with lots of digging, pouring, sorting and even eating of the rice thanks to Nathanael!!!

We made pictures of bears hibernating in caves.

Of course, a bear hunt wouldn't be complete without a map to help find the bears!

And finally, some binoculars for those hard to find bears.

After all our hard work preparing, we headed outside to hunt some bears...........

Samuel, checking the map to find out where they are hidden.......

Now, where are those bears?

Quick, over there!!!!

We found the bears, then hid them and found them and hid them and..........................

Another great day of playgroup!!

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