Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Father's World - A is for Apple

If I stay in Jesus, I will have much fruit!  These were our words to remember for this unit and they were very timely, for all of us.  With all of the upheaval in our lives at the moment we have been missing quite a bit of "fruit"!  We spent lots of time talking about the fruit of the spirit and how we can show different fruit in different circumstances.  There wasn't a great amount of paperwork to show for this unit but we did lots of talking and learning.

We practiced being patient, kind and having self-control by working and playing together to build a new fort.

We practiced kindness by giving little brother a ride in the wagon.

We saw love when big brother let us cuddle up to him in his bed during the storm.

We did a little bit of paper work.

We had fun learning our colours and numbers.

Our book of the week was 10 Apples Up On Top, so we tried to see how many apples we could balance on our heads.  We didn't get much further than 1!!

We made a graph of different coloured apples.

Played with our apple playdough,

And did some apple prints.

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