Thursday, April 17, 2008

What About Liam??

Well given that he is only just two and a boy, any attempt to have him sit still for more than 5 secs ends in disaster. That being said we have started using the preparatory "curriculum" from Letter of the week. It is simple, it is fast and best of all it is free. Each week we learn a letter, number, colour or shape, a nursery rhyme and have a different theme. We have also added a bible verse written to music from hubbards cupboard. So far we have done this for 2 weeks. Amazingly Liam now correctly identifies A and B. He can say both nursery rhymes, sings both bible verses and actually sits still long enough for us to add the new "thing" to his poster every morning during circle time. It is quite cute watching Liana trying to revise his poster with him during the day while they are playing. iN fact I think she makes a better teacher than me. Liam is so eager to please his big sister that he answers all her questions and does pretty much whatever she long as it doesn't take any longer than 2 minutes!!

Here is a picture of our learning poster for this week and our activity for the letter B.

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