Monday, April 28, 2008

How Not to Play Hide and Seek....

My poor baby was staying over at her Nanna's having a great time playing hide and seek with her Aunty and her neighbours. Unfortunately Nanna has a lot of stuff under her bed!!!! Liana didn't quite make it under the bed but instead managed to hit her head on the corner of an open drawer. OUCH!!!!!

A few hours later and some purple glue, care of the doctor, she was back home. Liana had a great time being the centre of attention while the doctor glued her back together. (What a great invention that glue is. So much easier than having to try and stitch a 4 year olds head!!) Meanwhile I was waiting at home with Liam pacing the floor imagining some huge gash in hear head and Nanna was stressing out about how daddy would react!!

Here is the patient in all her glory. She loooooooves bandaids and bandages so has just loved wearing this all week!!!

Oh, and I had to include the cooking photo just because!


  1. Oh sorry, But I am sure she will be Ok. Few days ago Octavio hits his mouth in the border of a door, terrible injury, but now his lips are normal as if never happend.

  2. Thanks Perla. She is fine now. There is a bit of a scar but hopefully that will fade with time!