Sunday, June 12, 2011

Learning With Liam

We are still working on the same reading unit with Liam. I find he needs lots of repetition of the same thing to really grasp it. If I move on too soon he forgets everything. He enjoys really mastering something and thankfully doesn't tire of doing the same thing over and over again.

So we worked again on the short a vowel sound. He really started to take off with sounding out cvc words as opposed to just the cv sounds we have been practicing. Yay!! Finally some progress. I am not really worried but it is hard not to compare his progress to how his sister progressed at that age, and as I mentioned last week, they are totally different in their learning styles.

So here are some pictures of what we worked on with our reading this week.

"a" word slides

Matching cvc words to pictures

Puppy dog file folder game. I made up an activity to sort "a" words to the right dog depending on what it started with ie ca, ba, fa,etc. He found this really easy as he just sorted them by initial sound. Hmmm, would work better with the same initial sound but different vowel sound, ie ba,be,bo etc. Will have to remake this one later on!

I also pulled out our montessori word drawers that I made when Liana was this age and we worked on the first 2 drawers, matching cvc words to pictures.

For maths we are still working on learning our teens. He seemed to have a much better grasp of it this week than last week. We continued to use our number family charts and MUS blocks to make and identify each number. We are still having a bit of trouble remembering 11 and 12 but he can identify them as oneteen and and twoteen thanks to MUS so we will probably work one more week on the teens and then move onto the 20 family. I don't have many photos as we played lots of games and didn't get a chance to photograph most of them.

For Bible we are learning the Bible Verses and songs from Seeds Family Worship. We love, love, love these cds and can't recommend them highly enough. For each song there are some awesome printables available from here . Each week we sing the songs, colour the picture, do the copy work, make the minibook and then recite the verse and song to Daddy on Fridays. I only have a few photos this week but will try and get some more action shots for next week.

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