Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Birthday Blues (or greens in this case!)

So Christmas is over and I am already planning Liana's birthday. In fact, I sat down on Christmas night after Paul had gone to work and made up party invitations.....sigh.... 2 weeks to go. Oh, I just loooove having her birthday so close to Christmas.

Anyway, Miss Muffet has requested a green princess party - interesting combination don't you think? Have you ever tried finding a green princess dress?? Don't bother unless you plan on paying in excess of $80AU for a custom one. So I resorted to looking for green fairy dresses on e-bay. Given that we only had 2 weeks I figured I should only buy from our state. Anyway I found two YAY!!!!!! But wait, when I showed Liana she quickly announced that they weren't green???????? They were dark green and she wants light its back to the drawing board.

Now don't even get me starte don the birthday cake!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!!

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