Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Star Is Born!!!

Liana has been learning Suzuki violin this year and today had her very first performance, a christmas concert. I was worried how she would go as she is not always co-operative in lessons, especially the group lessons. I needn't have worried though. The only problem we had was keeping her off the stage when she wasn't performing!!! She had an absolute ball.

At the end of the concert the littlies played bells while the older children played Christmas carols. Liana was VERY enthusiastic about her bell playing to the point where she was even standing up playing solo while all the others were sitting quietly during the slower carols.

The photos are not great as the lighting was bad but you get the idea. I will post some better video footage when we buy a lead for out new camcorder - YAY!!! Another new toy.

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