Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Easter (April 9)

It's Easter time at our house! Slightly different this year as we are now completely sugar,dairy and grain free. We have never bought eggs for own children but they always receive from family and friends so it will be our first Easter without chocolate. While the kids aren't completely convinced this is a good idea I am loving the fact that our focus is more on what Easter is truly about and less on everything else that we are bombarded with at Easter. I will confess we have found some yummy sounding sugar free hot cross bun and chocolate fudge recipes that I am keen to try out this week though 
For the littlies we are trying out A Sense of the Resurrection from O Amanda. We have her Christmas equivalent and have loved using it and so far we are enjoying this one too. We have read about the triumphant entry and made noise makers from tin cans to praise Jesus and about the lady who poured perfume on Jesus' feet and made essential oil diffusers for the house.
Here is a look at these and some other things we have started for our Easter celebration week....or two!

Decorating our tins to make a wind chime to praise Jesus.

Still not quite got the idea of NOT trying to eat the paint!

J for Jesus

Checking out the Resurrection eggs.

The finished wind chime, although it is more of a clang than a chime!

Easter egg painting.

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