Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Preschool/ Totschool - B is for Bear


This week involved lots of painting, which is currently Nathanael's favourite thing to do.
He finished painting his ark.

and did some more dot painting

He learned the the letter Bb for ball

Made some block towers.

A bit more painting,

and played with the playdough


This week we finished off our Noah's ark theme and investigated the letter b.

Samuel investigating his Bb box and reading our B books

Dot paint rainbows and bears.

We got some new magnetic pattern blocks and had fun making lots of pictures with them.

Playing God's ABC on the iPad

Double handed painting for our letter Bb poster.

Finishing the rainbow for our Noah's Ark picture.

Cutting out and sticking together this week's memory verse.

B is for Bear

Our finished Noah's ark  and Letter Bb posters.

Tracing practice

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