Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I is for Insects (March 23)

This week we learned the letter i for insects and read about Moses and the plagues. We went on a bug hunt which then turned into a lizard hunt and we caught 5 geckos!
We had a break from most of our theme work this week and just focussed on our core subjects for Liana and Liam and spent the rest of the time visiting playgrounds, beaches, family and just playing outside before the last of the sunny weather disappears. Although I'm pretty sure its not going to start raining anytime soon!

Sorting our insects into groups.

Copying and finishing patterns.

Practicing our writing in the sand tray.

Reading our letter i book.

Samuel the vet!

Nathanael in the rice pit.

A rare moment when both the little ones are playing nicely in the same room!!!

Roll a bug game to practice our numbers. 


At the playground

My munchkins. 

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