Sunday, December 16, 2007

Blueberries for Sal

We have just finished rowing Blueberries for Sal by RobertMcCloskey. I looove this book. Liana never grew tired of hearing it and there were so many great things to do that we ended up rowing it for 2 weeks!

Here are some photos of the lapbook we made for this book. First is the open lapbook. Then we have a minit book on ways fruits grow. Next is cards for what bears eat. Then we have a sorting booklet for Sal, Little Bear or both. The basket shows different foods we can cook using blueberries. We made blueberry muffins and blueberry pancakes and ate lots of blueberries on their own!!! YUM!!! The last photo shows the life cycle of a blueberry bush.

We also did a blueberry painting and played lots of maths games using the blueberry and number cards.

Next up I think we will row Goodnight Moon.


  1. Hi there. your kids are so beautiful. I enjoyed reading through your blog and looking at your lapbooks. Great job on Corduroy and Blueberrie for Sal.

    We did BFIAR last year and are slightly doing it again this year. I am planning to row them again next year, along with FIAR volume 1...they are just that good!

  2. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! That sounds like what we are doing next year. I just love some of these books.

  3. Those lapbooks you made with the children are beautiful, congratulation. Thank you for share the pictures.


  4. I love that book... and it is so much fun to do activities that go with the book so well...
    have a great day!!